Welcome to Louisville Hearing Aid Center!

Louisville Hearing Centers, Inc. are modern professional centers providing audiological evaluations, hearing aid fittings and service in the Kentuckiana area for over 50 years. It is dedicated to providing the best in testing, fitting, quality, price and service for our patients.

We offer free comprehensive hearing evaluations by a licensed professional. This professional will then recommend the most appropriate hearing aids for your individual loss. Hearing evaluations are conducted in sound-treated rooms with advanced clinical equipment. We also provide in-home testing upon request for those unable to visit our facilities.

Dupont Square
4010 Dupont Circle, Suite L-01
Louisville, Ky 40207

Medical Arts Building
1169 Eastern Parkway
Louisville, Kentucky 40217
502-459-HEAR (4327)

914 Eastern Blvd., Suite 400
Clarksville, Indiana 47129

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